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Bonefrog New England 2018

Saturday, May 19, 2018 was the first of two Bonefrog races in Massachusetts.  Held at Berkshire East, in Charlemont, MA this course is akin to a mini-Killington or F.I.T. Challenge on steroids.  The amount of effort and devotion to making a great obstacle race is always very evident at the Bonefrog races I’ve done here.  (This was number 4 for me)   This year the distances were shortened making the Sprint around 3-4 miles, the Challenge 6-7 miles, and Tier-1 between 9 and 11 miles.  I have to say, I did not miss the extra miles by the end of the Challenge course that I ran this year.  We went up and down the mount at least four times, maybe more.  Every climb was steep, as was every descent.  Fortunately I’m a fan of running down steep mountains, so my finish time of 1:54:13 landed me in 4 for my age, 10 for men, and 11 overall in the Open.

The Seals that create the course do a great job of making it challenging.  The obstacles are all well constructed, with varying degrees of difficulty… They’ve got a couple that I have yet to complete, including Chopper and one with what I can only describe as empty toilet paper tubes on strings that wouldn’t be too bad if they didn’t spin as soon as you grab them.  I will get Chopper next time. it was the hanging toilet paper rolls in between spinning chopper handlebars that did me in.

On the final descent I came upon a woman wearing a pair of OCR leggings I designed for the New England Spahtens.  I got so excited seeing my design on the course that I yelled to her as I passed, “I designed those pants!  They look great!”   I realized immediately that it was a weird thing to do, but she did yell back, “Thanks, I love them! It’s my first race wearing them!”

Parking is the best here.  It’s right at the entrance, so you don’t even need bag check most of the time.  There’s plenty of food and merchandise available in the festival area.  The line was long for check in around 8 AM so it’s a good idea to arrive more than an hour before your heat.  There was a volunteer bringing people to the front of the line if it was getting close to their start times.

This was my first time running in my new Obstacle Race Life all over print shirt.  It’s 100% polyester, very light, and was great for keeping moisture away from my body.  After the swim and as the rain started the comfort noticeable enough that I had to check to see if the shirt was still wet.

Obstacle Race Life - All-Over Print shirt
Obstacle Race Life – All-Over Print shirt front – 100% polyester
Obstacle Race Life - All-Over Print shirt back
Obstacle Race Life – All-Over Print shirt back – 100% polyester

No races for me this weekend, but Samurai Sprint is happening on June 2, so maybe I’ll see you there!

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Spartan Sprint Boston 2018

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Spartan Sprint Boston 2018

Hot on the heals of running 7 Sisiters Trail race on May 5, Last Saturday I ran my first Spartan race of the year in Rutland, MA for the “Boston” Sprint.  This is the second year Spartan has held their Boston Sprint at the Treasure Valley Scout Camp in Rutland.  I did not run this course last year because it was the same weekend as Ragnar Trail New England.  I LOVE this course.

Long meandering trails in the woods, clear, shallow streams, some challenging (but not soul crushing hills), and a tighter spaced festival area gave this race the feel of a smaller, but very high quality race.  Parking was smooth and well planned, which differs from last year according to everyone I spoke to.  The festival featured the usual merch and sponsor stalls with one extra stall especially for that particular weekend.

Mother's Day Spartan Tent
Mother’s Day Spartan Tent sold Flowers and Cards

I nearly defeated my obstacle nemesis Twister at this race.  I made it further along than I ever have, making it to the last of the three sections only to lose my grip with only four or five handles to go.  Other than those 30 burpees, only had 30 more to do after missing the spear throw.  I used to have about a 50/50 success rate on the spear throw, but I think I’ve missed my last three attempts so those odds may have shifted.

While hanging out in the Biggest Team Tent as a member of the New England Spahtens, I left a bunch of Obstacle Race Life stickers  and magnets on the table for anyone to take.  If you managed to grab one or some, definitely post a photo on Instagram or Facebook and tag Obstacle Race Life.  I’ll hook you up with a discount to the shop!

Next up, Bonefrog on Saturday, May 19 in Charlemont, MA at Berkshire, hope to see you there!